Wooden bed set, boat model

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The bed set for two people is a unique and excellent work boat model that is designed in a modern way.

The material of this bed is made of Georgian beech wood and Russian wood and wood veneer. Its inlaid work is made of Turkish Kavazinco coating.

This work is presented to you with excellent quality, which is very durable and will prevent you from repurchasing for many years.

This service includes a bed, a console mirror, a sofa and two nightstands.

This service also has a 5-drawer file, which is calculated separately if needed.

If the space in your room is limited, you can use a drawer instead of a console mirror, which can be ordered.

Of this model, the bed set is available in 2*160 and 2*180 dimensions.

The price of the 160 size bed set: 54,000,000 Tomans

Price of bed set size 180: 56/200/000 Tomans

Price of single boat bed size 90: 16/200/000 Tomans

Price of single boat bed size 120: 17/400 /000 Tomans

Price of file 5 drawers: 12,600,000 Tomans

Order delivery time in case of lack of stock: 30 to 35 days

Shipping cost The product is the customer’s responsibility.

Before placing an order, call Ms. Taghavi on 09010766608.

Additional information

Dimensions160 × 200 cm
Year of production


Primary material

Beech wood

Location suitable


Status effect


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Wooden bed set, boat model